Best 70 inch TV Under 2000 Dollars (May 2018)

If you can spare up to 2000 dollars then you can choose from a variety of 70-inch televisions available from various reputed brands including Sony, Vizio, and Sharp to name a few. The best of 70 inch TVs are LED TVs. You shall be able to grab both edge-lit, as well as the direct-lit, LED TVs in the mentioned screen size and range. These televisions offer a widescreen experience and are loaded with several advanced features.

Here is a look at the various features they include:

• These televisions are 3D ready and offer a complete web browsing experience. So you can download various apps, stream movies, get access to the latest music, enjoy gaming and a lot more. Accessing your social media accounts to connect with friends on such a wide screen is also a great experience.
• The best of these televisions come with multiple active LED Zones that adjust the backlight per zone to create deeper black levels and dynamic contrast.
• Active pixel-level brightness adjustment for enhanced image accuracy and better contrast.
• Greater motion clarity and high refresh rate to allow you to enjoy even the fast moving sequences and high octane stunts with great clarity.
• Smart remote control with QWERTY keyboard that allows you to type and browse through your preferred content easily.
• Not just a great display, these televisions come with powerful speakers and built-in subwoofers and offer a great audio quality.
• The televisions have wide viewing angles so that everyone in a given room/ hall can view the television clearly.

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Top 70-75 inch TVs under 2000 dollars are given below:

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