Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500 Dollars (June 2018)

While choosing an acoustic guitar, there are many things that need considerations. But, if you love playing guitar and you are sure that the one you are actually buying is right for you, then why are you waiting for? Just step ahead and look for the one which meets your requirements. The current musical market has offered varieties in everything. Be it the shape, the design and more on the model, there are many things which actually matter.

Here is the guide to get the best acoustic guitar under 500 dollars:

• Check the string height:
This is the very essential factor in selecting from. You have to check the string height while fetching a guitar for yourself. Check all the six strings because it really requires effort to play the guitar. The guitar should be properly adjusted.
• Checking that the bridge saddles expelling the strings over the length of the fingerboard an essential element:
While choosing a guitar make sure that a properly adjusted saddle or individual saddles suspend the string high enough in order to have a minimal to no rattle or string buzz. The strings should be higher along the fingerboard. In certain cases, the strings are too high above the fingerboard. So, there is a need to check that the strings should be easy to stretch easily while playing.
• Check for the neck joint and the heel that should be stable:
While purchasing a guitar, you should actually check for the neck joint and the heel which should actually be stable.

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Top 5 acoustic guitars under 500 dollars are given below:

# RANK 1

# RANK 2

Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top with Padded Gigbag (Electronics)

List Price: $329.00 USD
New From: $329.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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# RANK 3

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar (Electronics)

List Price: $419.00 USD
New From: $419.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $419.00 USD In Stock
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# RANK 4

# RANK 5

Martin X Series 2015 LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Black (Electronics)

List Price: $329.00 USD
New From: $329.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $329.00 USD In Stock
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