Best Air Conditioner Under 150 Dollars (May 2018)

Air conditioners today are an essential utility gadget in the household with all the soaring temperatures in summer due to global warming. These are available in a large number of sizes and types such as window units or split air conditioners. A window AC is usually cheaper compared to a split or portable air conditioning machine.

If you are planning for a reasonably priced unit, such as the best air conditioner under 150 dollars, a window AC makes for the best option.

Here are some of the factors you need to take into account while buying one.

How much cooling power does it offer?
You would be ill-informed to expect a high cooling capacity from an air conditioner that is in the cheaper bracket. Such a machine will typically offer you a cooling power of 5000-6000 BTU (British Thermal Units). If you wish to get a more powerful air conditioner then it is important you consider revising your budget.

Multiple functions and controls
A cheaper air conditioner model will contain no more than the basic functions of temperature control and fan-speed regulation. It won’t allow you to enjoy such intriguing functionalities as complex climate control and other unique features. Once again, you need a more expensive product in order to enjoy those functions.

Control over the air-flow direction
With some cooling units, you get an adjustable louver that allows you to control the direction of airflow. This is a feature you can expect to find in the best air conditioner fewer than 150 dollars. Makes sure you consider these before deciding upon making your final purchase.

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