Best Android Cell Phone (June 2018)

Smartphones have created its own niche of users. And most of them are addicted to the Android operating system due to its flawless performance. Obviously, there are iOS from Apple, Windows Mobile OS from Microsoft and OS from Blackberry, but Android is still the most popular operating system in the smartphone category. With a huge number of free applications under its Play Store and clutter free smooth operation, Android smartphones are a hit in the market. People of various ages, from young to middle-aged ones are obsessed with Android and they truly use the smartphone in a smarter way. The Internet is connected round the clock and all the social media platforms are just a touch away. Sales of Android-enabled smartphones are upward at a lightning speed due to all these.

There are various phones running under Android platform with different specifications. It is tough to segregate any single one as the best, still, efforts should be made to find that. Here are some important aspects of smartphones that can help to find which the best Android cell phones are.


Most of the android enabled phones are nowadays either dual core or quad core or even better. There are some relevant chipsets available (Snapdragon / Mediatek) and together the chipset and processor take a majority of the load to run a smartphone. Android uses a limited resource, so it is been preferred by most developers around the world. Also, the GPU should be taken into consideration while finding out the best one.

OS Version:

The latest Android operating system version is 5.0 and it is codenamed as Lollipop. The previous one KitKat 4.0 is also on the market and both are truly a good platform for any applications. Users simply love the user interface of these versions along with its speed, power, and stability. The battery consumption has been improved a lot in the newer versions and more themes are there to choose. While selecting the best android cell phones, one should check whether the phone is with the latest operating system with an update or not. Also, the future update options should also be taken into account.


Memory consists of internal memory as well as external and RAM space. Most apps are installed in the internal memory though in latest versions there are options to move those to the external cards. But system files are always in the internal memory, so it automatically takes some space out of the given one. A maximum of internal space will be ideal along with expansion slot for micro SD card. While choosing the best android cell phones, RAM plays a bigger role. More RAM attributes to smooth and lag free functioning of a smartphone and it is always recommended.


Last but not the least, the battery is also very much vital. A smartphone hooked on the Internet consumes more battery due to its internal structure. If the screen size is big like 5” or 6”, then it consumes more power. KitKat & Lollipop versions have added some significant aspects to enhance the battery level and it is a success. Still, if someone plays games over a high-speed network, the battery is bound to drain quickly. That is why higher capacity batteries like 2600 mAh and more depending upon the screen size and configuration are ideal for a perfect android enabled smartphone.

There can be some more aspects to find the best android cell phones, for example, the shape & size of the phone, network connectivity, camera quality and so on. Together combined, one can easily find the best one without much hassle.

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Top 5 Android cellphones are given below:

# RANK 1

Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Phone w/ 12MP Camera – Midnight Black (Unlocked Phone)

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# RANK 2

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Factory Unlocked Smartphone 64GB – Midnight Black – US Warranty [SM-G965UZKAXAA] (Electronics)

List Price: $699.99 USD
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# RANK 3

# RANK 4

LG V30 US998 64GB Android 8.0 Oreo Smartphone – GSM Unlocked (Unlocked Phone)

List Price: $601.87 USD
New From: $594.83 USD In Stock
Used from: $443.25 USD In Stock
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# RANK 5

Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB Unlocked GSM/CDMA 4G LTE Octa-Core Phone w/ 12.2MP Camera – Just Black (Office Product)

List Price: $499.99 USD
New From: $435.88 USD In Stock
Used from: $435.88 USD In Stock
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