Best Basic Cell Phone (June 2018)

Mobile phones are must in modern times. It can act as a tool for several options. That is why this multi-utility product has been able to reach into the pocket of millions. Telecommunication industry has seen a great leap from the traditional telephonic system to the mobile communication. It’s a revolution and still, research and developments are going on to enhance its power. Out of all, the traditional mobile phones are still very much popular among a section of people. Although touchphones are in majority, people still use basic cell phones due to various reasons. Here are some guidelines to choose best basic cell phones.


The best part of a basic phone is its convenience to use. Normally the size of such basic phones fits into the palm very well and one can hold the same at ease. It is easy to press the buttons to dial and respond if the other hand is busy. Contrary to touchphones where one needs to either tap or swipe, here physical buttons do a great job and works fine. Incidentally, people find it much tougher to touch the soft keys in a smartphone to activate anything, whereas it is easier to do the same in a basic phone where physical buttons are present. Even, several basic cell phones come up with a flashlight with a single button press which is very much helpful in the dark.


A basic phone often lasts more than a touch phone as it is comprising of mechanical keys. If the quality of the keys is good, like in the case of Blackberry and others, one can use a basic phone for several years without any problem. The backlight also helps them to see the entire keypad in dark areas also. The basic phones normally are hard and durable to be used for several years.

Less Resource Hungry:

A battery in basic phones lasts for several hours as those are not so much resource hungry like other phones. Normally, batteries are consumed due to bigger screen size, high-end display, and other factors. In case of basic phones, those are not available. So one can easily keep a phone without charge for some days depending upon the usage of the phone. As the display size of a basic phone normally remains on the smaller side, so it keeps on activated for a longer duration.

Also, there are other factors like cost, less radiation does attribute to the basic mobiles and all those should be taken into consideration for finding the best basic cell phones. Normally a basic phone costs much less than a smartphone, so it is easy to buy such phones. Senior people can use basic phones very effectively as they find difficulties in operating a touch phone. It is quite easy to call or receive using a basic phone with its physical buttons. Also, basic phones remain cool most of the time as those does not require high-end processors to run. A simple processor with minimum RAM is enough for these basic phones to run effectively. Basic phones usually come with low radiations and this is also very much helpful in keeping a healthy status.

Keeping all these options into consideration, one can easily choose the best basic cell phones without any problem.

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Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Red) by GreatCall (Wireless Phone)

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Mini Phone 4.5mm Ultra Thin Pocket Phone M5 (Black) (Electronics)

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# RANK 5

TracFone LG L442BG 3G Prepaid Phone (Wireless Phone Accessory)

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