Best Battery Life Cell Phone (June 2018)

Mobile phones are one of the most indispensable items in everyday life. People now can’t think of spending life without a cell phone. The time has evolved from landline to mobile telephony and this successful transition has come to help of millions of people across the globe. Irrespective of age, cell phones are used by people and everybody has his own purpose of using it.
To choose the best battery life cell phone, several important aspects should be taken into consideration. This is mainly because the battery life of a phone depends on so many factors and one should take care of those before choosing the best one. Obviously, it is tough to find all good features in a single cell phone, still, efforts can be made to find such a mobile phone which is good in all respect.
Here are some vital points to keep in mind while choosing the best battery life cell phone

Battery Capacity:

Obviously, while discussing a good battery enabled phone, one must look into the capacity & specification of the battery given along with the phone. The capacity of the cell phone battery is being marked in “mAh”, so higher mAh batteries are supposed to run longer than the lesser one. In this concept, a 3200 mAh battery enabled phone should give the longer duration of support than a 2100 mAh battery.

Screen Size:

Display of a phone consumes battery. A 5” or 6” phone automatically will consume more battery than a 3.5” or 4” phone. Although smaller display might not give a great visual delight in terms of the size of text and image it will be quite effective to last for long. One can use the phone for longer duration without having too much of concern.


Any latest processor tries to minimize the battery usage so that it can run for long. Also, if heated, processors tend to work slowly. So special care is taken while preparing a mobile phone and in that context, both processors of the phone, as well as battery, hold an important place. The latest Snapdragon or MediaTek chipsets do follow the same structure and that is why the significant increase in the battery life has been observed.

Operating System:

The operating system of a phone also plays a vital role for longer battery life. There is no denial of the fact that a basic phone lasts at least 2-3 days without charging as it requires very less amount of charge to run the entire operation. On the other hand, a smartphone with the Android operating system running in the background obviously needs more power to run all of its apps. Also, the display has become HD in most of the cases, so as to have a clear and prominent display, the power supply should be adequate. That is why batteries run lesser for smartphones. Eventually, in Lollipop, the latest version of the Android operating system, significant enhancement has been noticed in terms of battery life and one now can get more hours than before.

Usage of the phone:

Another important aspect is to measure exactly how many hours the battery gave service. If someone is only with call receiving and sending, then his phone will be active for a longer duration. If someone is constantly online with 2G / 3G internet, then battery life will definitely be lesser. And if anyone is addicted to playing mobile games, then the battery will exhaust in a whisker. It all depends on how to use the phone and accordingly the battery capacity should be taken into account.
This is all about best battery life cell phone although, in the modern smartphone era, batteries will be exhausted in a faster way. If the phone is a basic one with lesser display size, then it can run for long. Otherwise, batteries will be consumed as per the usage of the phone.

Top 5 best battery life cell phones are given below:

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