Best Bookshelf Speaker under 150 dollars (May 2018)


If you talk about the best bookshelf speakers, then there are a few which truly comes out as the champion in terms of quality. These bookshelf speakers are run by Bluetooth technology using the near field technology in studio monitors. The powered speakers are of 2.0 channel and are made up of wood. There remains a subwoofer too for the better sound experience. As Bluetooth is one of the modes of connecting, then it’s very easy to pair the phone or a computer to receive a perfect wireless experience and that too in any platform like Windows, Mac, Android and even in iOS.

Another feature of these bookshelf speakers is its classic and elegant look. High-quality MDF wooden boards are used to prepare these speakers and that too with the walnut finish which adds a different dimension to any room. The presence of two auxiliary input options easily connects any device that has a conventional 3.5 mm headphone output. Even two devices can be connected using the Aux cable and no switching and plugging are required for this. These speakers are versatile in nature, hence one can do multiple things using this. One can easily plug the gaming console or TV to receive great sound quality. The in-built digital signal processing as well as dynamic range control feature enables the system in preventing the sound distortion. It truly adds a different dimension to the entire system and takes the experience of listening to a new height.

As per as technical specification is concerned, the total power output is around of 65 RMS with SNR is more than 85 dba. The frequency response is of 60 Hz to 20 kHz and the tweeter also produces quality audible sound. So, if anyone wishes to have the best ever sound experience, then he can easily pick the best bookshelf speaker under 150 dollars without any hesitation.

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