Best Built-In Dishwasher (May 2018)

Dishwashers have become the favorite companions of many homes. Being a time and effort saving machine, Dishwashers are getting part of our kitchens. There are different types of dishwashers, but built-in dishwasher would be an ideal option considering the operating convenience. Built in dishwashers would serve the purpose in the best possible manner allocating predefined space and ideal for permanent residences.

Below points would definitely help one to choose the best Built-in dishwasher for their homes:

Size of the Dishwasher:

Even though all built in dishwashers occupies some space, they come in width ranging from 11 inches to 24 inches. If you have proper and enough space to fit in one a bigger one, then ideal to go for 24 inches size or else to go for compact sizes, most preferably 18 inches size.

The finish of the Dishwasher:

Since the Built in a dishwasher is supposed to be a permanent one which becomes a part of your kitchen, the color and finish need to be matched with the overall look of the kitchen and home.


You have the option to choose from brands which offer a wide range of cycle options. Ensure the basic cycle options such as basic, light, heavy, and soak cycle should be there. Always good to go for advanced cycle options.

Other features:

Energy saving ratings, air dry setting, delayed start and quick wash options are the other main features to be looked at in a best built-in dishwasher.

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Top 5 built-in dishwashers are given below:

# RANK 1

SPT SD-9252SS Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel (Misc.)

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# RANK 2

# RANK 3

SPT SD-9252W Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher, White (Misc.)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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# RANK 4

GE GSD2100VWW Built-In 24-Inch Dishwasher, White, 5 Cycles / 2 Options (Tools & Home Improvement)

List Price: $383.70
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# RANK 5

Avanti DW18D1BE Built In Dishwasher, 18″, Black (Misc.)

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Some other top built-in dishwashers are given below:

SPT SD-9252SS Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel

This dishwasher has stainless steel Interior; stainless steel interior does not hold any odor and clean easily as well. It has a large place setting that is 8 standard place settings give you large space to place the utensils. This dishwasher also has 6 wash programs that are heavy, normal, light, rinse, speed, and all in one. This machine for alerting you also has to rinse aid warning indicator, refill reminder on rinse aid the when you have to fill the rinse aid again and also have error alarm for display fault codes. This dishwasher gives you ease to access, you don’t need to stand beside the machine to operate it you can easily set the timer when you want to perform the machine its operation by just simply set the timer between 1 to 24 hours and after the time suppose you have selected three hours delay time then after three hours it will start to performing its operation. This machine consumes less energy as it is energy certified. The weight of the item is 54 pounds. Battery is not required in this machine.

Avanti Model DWE1802SS Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel

This dishwasher has 8 standard place settings so that you can choose according to your need. This machine also has stainless steel interior that is able to resist satins and corrosion and increase the durability of the product. Also, stainless steel interior does not hold any odor and clean easily as well. The upper and lower racks are coated with nylon and also has handle it makes the machine easily usable. To give the better and efficient cleaning of the dishes there is three stages filtering system is present. Also, it has on piece silver ware basket.

WHIRLPOOL GIDDS-291771 24″ Dishwasher

This dishwasher has plastic tub interior with a vinyl rack for efficient cleaning of the utensils. It has 3 wash cycles that you can use according to your need. It also has 4 wash options. The wash cycle is adjusted by the ACCUSENSE soil sensor. If you are in hurry then you can select 1 hour wash cycle. In one hour wash cycle it will take half of the time to wash the utensils. Battery is not required. Also, the product is trustworthy as the product is of a whirlpool. This machine can be a better option to give as a gift to you loved ones like your wife, daughter etc.

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC dishwasher

BOSCH has presented you the dishwasher of a large place setting capacity that is suitable for joint family and the family having more family members. It has 16 place setting capacities. Also, it has 6 wash cycles one can select according to his use. It also has 5 washing options that are heavy, normal, light, rinse etc. This machine works on your tips, like if you want to operate it after 6 hours then you need only to select the delay timer to the 6 hours then after 6 hours it will start performing its operation. To hold the large plates it has a flexible third rack. The weight of the machine is about 45 pounds. Also, BOSCH offers you 10 year warranty on major components. So this dishwasher is automatic and does not create excess noise. This dishwasher works efficiently and washes the dishes correctly.

Fisher Paykel DishDrawer DD24SCX7 24″ Semi Integrated Single Drawer Dishwasher

This machine has 7 place settings and also having the adjustable racks to use the proper space to place the dishes of different sizes. It also have 9 wash cycle that is it is allowing you to give you access to use the more cycles according to your need. It can increase the sanitizing temperature of water up to 163 degree Fahrenheit. This machine is also loaded with delay start so that you have the ease of access. Machine can operate after the particular time you have selected. Also, the dishwasher has adjustable racks so that the plates of large diameter can be washed and rinsed easily. The weight of the dishwasher is 65 pounds. Also, 1 year warranty on the dishwasher unit, labor, and other components is provided.

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