Best Cell Phone For Hearing Impaired (June 2018)


Maximum new generation mobile phones support hearing aid devices for those people who need such. In fact, phones specially designed for hearing impaired people should comply with the Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) ratings. There are two types of ratings – M Rating & T Rating. This is rated on a scale of one to four. Cellphones with low noise interference but without telecoil components are rated as M Rating and T Rating is being given to those who are having telecoil attached with the handset. This is mainly used for getting clear sound as persons with hearing problems need distinct sound.
There are several factors to be taken into consideration while choosing the best cell phone for hearing impaired people. Here are some of those:

Standard Ratings:

Based on the presence or absence of telecoil as well as on the quality of microphones, phones are labeled from M1 to M4 and T1 to T4. Higher in the order, more is the better quality. So, while buying a phone from hearing an impaired person, better to go for the highest rating.

Understanding of hearing aid device:

While purchasing the hearing aid equipment, one should go for the best one. The device which partly or completely fits in the ear canal is ideal as there will be a lesser chance of loss of hearing. Hearing aids with telecoil feature is the best and this helps a lot while using any telecoil enabled phone. The basic advantage of having a telecoil is, it catches the electromagnetic signals only contrary to other microphones which catches all sounds. So a telecoil enabled device will give more clarity to a hearing-impaired person.

Shopping Guide:

One should check the presence of either T – Rating or M – Rating for such phones and if he does not find those standards for a particular phone, he must ask the people concerned. Manufactures also mention HAC information regarding a mobile phone. It is better to have CDMA phones over GSM as CDMA works better with such hearing aid devices. This will help those people to clearly hear what the other person is saying over the phone.

Other Features:

There are several other important features that should be taken care while finding the best cell phone for hearing impaired people. The loudspeaker should be loud enough to hear the ringtone, vibration mode should be present to understand that a call or a message has come and so on. Some phones support the flashing screen technology whenever a call comes and this also comes in use often. Bluetooth version should be the latest one and it must be in sync with the hearing aid device. These small but important aspects are must in this case. Then only a haling impaired person would not have any difficulty to communicate with the other person over the phone.
So, choosing the best cell phone for hearing impaired people depends on several factors. As they can’t hear normally like other people, so the best quality gadgets are to be chosen. There are a plenty of such phones on the market, but one should look at the above-mentioned aspects very well before purchasing a phone for such people.

Top 5 Cell Phones For Hearing Impaired are given below:

# RANK 1

# RANK 2

Jethro 3G Unlocked Senior & Kids Slider Cell Phone Model SC435

# RANK 3

Easy to use Cell Phone VOTTAU E09 for Seniors Unlocked Cell Phones Quad-band GSM Mobile Phone senior phone with Single SIM Big Button SOS Button

  • Senior mobile phone easy to use big button and large color display with touch-soft cover
  • Emergency call function with SOS button,dialing and send the Emergency SMS to preferred contact number in the case of an emergency,3 speed dial button
  • Easy to charge with desk charger,long time standby,send and receive calls, SMS
  • SIM free unlocked senior phone for Global 2G network
  • Torch,FM radio,Alarm clock,Calendar,Bluetooth(with European style adapter only,Please follow the buy one get one free campaign)

# RANK 4

# RANK 5

Cell Phone Big Button Senior Unlocked 3G GSM Works with At&t Logic SR3G Quad Band with FM Radio Bluetooth Camera Flashlight SOS Emergency Button for Elderly and Kids (Black, 2G Only)

  • 3G Unlocked GSM Carrier Desbloqueados GSM (Phone Does NOT Work on Verizon Sprint Net10 or Any CDMA Carrier)
  • Dual Micro Sim Card Sim1 3G Sim2 2G / Support 32GB Micro SD (Not included)
  • Logic Sr3 Big Buttons Screen 1.8" Camera mp Bluetooh SOS Button and lock key
  • Mp3 Player Sound Recorder Fm Radio Flashlight Alarm Calculator Calendar Videos Images Voice Alarm
  • Language : English Spanish Portuguese / 3.5 mm connector / Charger Cradle included

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