Best Cell Phone For Music (June 2018)

Best Cell Phone For Music

Best Cell Phone For Music

Mobile phones are nowadays are meant for multipurpose activities. Those days are gone when phones were used only for receiving the call and to speak. Now, a cell phone is not only capable of sending messages to anyone connected but also able to communicate with any one of the world courtesy to the revolution in social networking. The internet on almost every phone, connecting people has become not only easier but also very much affordable. Apart from all these aspects, cell phones are very much used as music stations too. Numerous people prefer to plug an earphone and listen to music on the go. Playing music in a cell phone is the mostly done activity over the years. Here are some features to look into for searching the best cell phone for music.


For any phone to be used as a music player, the speaker should be of best quality. The sounds must be crystal clear and can be heard from a distance. Often a cellphone is plugged with a music system for playing and in such cases, the speaker and internal chipset must be a good one to play seamless music.

Memory Card:

A memory card can store thousands of songs depending upon its capacity. It is a common practice to store songs in the memory card to save space in the internal memory and play wherever required. The high capacity memory card can save more songs in various formats although .mp3 is the widely used format due to its space saving nature.

Music Player:

A music player application is must play good music. There are numerous of such apps available in the market, one must take care which one is suiting best for a particular mobile and use the same. Best cell phones always provide good sound via music players and there can’t be any compromise in that. The equalizer along with bass boosting ng system helps a lot to take music listening experience in a new height.
Also, there are other important features to look into while choosing the best cell phone for music. The earphone jack should be compatible to all available headphones in the market so that one can easily plug an earphone and listen to the music. Apart from that, phones with higher RAM and better chipset are always preferred for a seamless experience of music playing. Overall, these features can be taken into consideration for searching the best cell phone for music.

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Top 5 cell phones for listening to music are given below:

# RANK 1

Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U 64GB Unlocked 4G L..

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# RANK 2

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Factory Unlocked Smartp..

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# RANK 3

Apple iPhone X, GSM Unlocked 5.8″, 256 GB ..

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# RANK 4

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Single-SIM (GSM Only,..

List Price: $548.99 USD
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# RANK 5

LG V30+ LS998 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE And..

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