Best Cell Phone For Seniors (June 2018)

Mobile communication has brought a revolution in terms of connecting people. Forget about those days of landline phones where one can only communicate if he was in a particular place. With the advent of cell phones, it has become the easiest and most popular gadget. Almost everyone uses mobile and the number of users is increasing day by day.

Aged people who are either alone or with a family, do need a cell phone badly. This becomes the best option to keep informed about their health, requirements to the people it matters. Even if these senior people move outside their house for any purpose, then too, a mobile phone will help in a great way if there is any urgency. He or she can easily call any of the relatives using the cell phone and ask for any kind of assistance.

But, considering their age and reflex, the senior people should have such a cell phone that is easy to use. This becomes the one and only important aspect while choosing their cell phone. They might not be tech savvy like the younger generation, so a plain and simple cell phone with some necessary features are ideal for them. Here are some appropriate features to choose the best cell phone for seniors:

Cell Phone Type:

This is one of the most important aspects while choosing a mobile phone for any senior citizen. It has often seen that the aged people struggle with touch phones as those are very sensitive. One needs to press on the exact area to activate any feature. A touch in other places of the screen might yield a different result and it often causes inconvenience to a section of people. Also, it takes more time to operate a touch phone rather than a basic phone. So, for senior citizens, a basic phone with bigger and prominent keypad is the ideal one. They can see the big buttons and can press as per requirement.

Phone Shape & Screen Size:

For aged people, a phone that can be held easily is the ideal one. This is easy to operate and handle. If the screen is bigger, then one can have some advantage in reading it. Text or number in a bigger size is always helpful for senior people and the display should be a high contrast one. Then only a person can view the screen quite easily. Considering the aged people will use basic mobile phones with keypad, so they might not get a bigger screen always. But the display quality should be at its best for viewing both in outdoor and indoor locations.

Other Features:

Nowadays, almost every phone comes with some basic features like camera, music player and FM radio. The camera quality may differ from one model to another, but considering the occasional and limited use of a camera in case of a senior citizen, a basic one would suffice their needs. Similarly, they can hear hours of music either from FM channels or from music stored on the phone. There are some other utility features that can help a senior person immensely. A flashlight might help him in the dark, an amplified loudspeaker will enable to hear any ringtone even if he is in a public place and so on. Several phones come with an Emergency or SOS button. Once pressed, a signal transmits to a pre-scheduled phone number and it can really be helpful in case of an emergency.

Keeping all these features into consideration, one can easily get a cell phone for seniors. All the options might not be available on a single phone, in that case, one can finalize a cell phone with maximum options. In this way, one can easily choose the best cell phone for seniors.

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Top 5 basic cellphones for seniors are given below:

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Jethro 3G Unlocked Senior & Kids Slider Cell Phone Model SC435 (Wireless Phone Accessory)

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Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Red) by GreatCall (Wireless Phone)

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Some other cell phones for seniors are given below:

ARCCI [SC051] Quad Band Senior Cell Phone


ARCCI SC051 is a GSM quard band senior/kids cellphone. It is very easy to use and equipped with SOS Button, large keyboard, voice time, number key reading and FM radio. This phone is not compatible with Verizon and sprint networds. It can support MMS, MP3, Micro-SD Card up to 16GB (not included) and Bluetooth. It has features like – main screen shows the owner name, blood type, family name and contact information.

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