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By early 2000s, TV market witnessed a shift from CRT television to Flat TVs. Flat TVs are lightweight, compact, portable, more reliable and come with an added advance of movie theater like experience. (CRT TV is limited to about 40 inches beaches of the cathode ray tube)

The buyer of a flat TV get more options be it in different screen sizes and types, contrast ratios, resolutions. Rather than just going with largest TV for the living room, it becomes very important to consider and compare the features available in the market.

Here are few parameters of Flat TV panels listed, which will help you to choose the TV that suits your requirements.

First, let’s understand the various types of Flat TV. Majorly there are three different screen types based on the technologies they are built upon.
• LCD TV uses Liquid crystal display. A thin layer of the liquid crystal which is nothing but a liquid that has crystalline properties is sandwiched between two electrically conducting plates. It depends on Cold Cathode Florescent Light (CCFL) to back-lit the liquid crystal display.
• LED TV uses LCD panels but they use LED backlight instead of CCFL.
• OLED TV uses Organic light-emitting diode which is a LED in which a film of organic compound emits light in response to an electric current.
• Plasma TV display will have two glass plates separated by a thin gap filled with a gas, generally neon.

Secondly, what is your screen size requirement, if you want a TV for a big room then you need a big TV and vice-versa. While choosing a TV, screen size decision is the most critical one. If the living room is small then, going for the larger screen TV is generally not advisable. The ideal viewing distance from TV will be twice the screen size.

Thirdly, we have to look for contrast ratios. The contrast ratio is an ability of the TV to display bright and dark images at the same time. Image quality will get better with higher contrast ratio.
Generally, a plasma TV will have the best contrast ratio, then backlit LED TVs. LCD TVs will have lower contrast ratios when compared to others.

Fourth, consider power consumption. OLED TVs consume the least power compared to other TVs, LED-lit LCD TVs consume less power when compared to plasma TVs.

Fifth, it is imported to consider the how TV handles fast motion. Plasma TVs win over LCD and LED TVs.

Sixth, it is important to consider the price. LCD TVs are much cheaper and better if you just looking for a smaller screen. Plasma TVs are generally available in large screen and are expensive. OLED TVs are comparatively new and expensive. LED edge backlit LCD TVs are thinner than CCFL LCD TVs and OLED TVs are thinner than all other TVs.
LED TVs and OLED (Organic LED) TVs will have superior picture quality and light build.

There are few more features which are important to consider.
• Make a list of peripheral devices which you are going to connect to the TV for better Video inputs like if you are using a dongle for internet, DVD players etc.
• Built-in tuners can be added advantage. Also, make sure, these tuners are supported by your cable operators.

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Top 5 TVs are given below:

# RANK 1

Sceptre 40" Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)

  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories. The typical power consumption is 36.75 watts,maximum power consumption is 75 watts and in standby mode,the power consumption is less than 0.5 watts
  • Connectivity technology: 3 HDMI, USB, Composite, Bluetooth, VGA

# RANK 2

Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

  • Enjoy a great picture with Samsung 720p high definition (HD), which makes your favorite films and games more detailed, vibrant and clear;Speaker Type : Down Firing + Base Reflex (2CH)
  • Enjoy a clear moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 60 with amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology.
  • See every image as the director intended with enriched colors - even with older, non-HD content.
  • Power Supply (V): AC110-120V 60Hz

# RANK 3

Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Android TV with Alexa Compatibility

  • Beyond High Definition: 4K UHD HDR picture offers stunning clarity, color range and detail
  • Enhanced Quality: With the X1 Extreme Processor enjoy controlled contrast & wide range of brightness
  • Say It. See It.: Connect Alexa to your TV to stream smart camera feeds with your voice, play music, launch video apps, and more; Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Premium Display: Enjoy Vibrant Colors with Triluminos & Clear on Screen Action with X-Motion Clarity
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): Without Stand 48 3/8 x 27 7/8 x 2 3/4 inches, with Stand 48 3/8 x 30 3/8 x 10 5/8 inches
  • Multiple Inputs: 4 HDMI, 2 USB2.0, 1 USB3.0 & 1 Composite Port to Easily Switch Inputs
  • Box Includes: Voice Remote, Batteries, Power Cord, IR Blaster, Operating Manual, Setup Guide & Stand

# RANK 4

LG 32LM570BPUA 32" Class 720p Smart LED HD TV (2019)

  • Quad-core processor brings out the beauty in every scene. Energize your movies and shows for a more lifelike viewing experience with a TV Processor that improves images, action and color
  • Discover every detail with scene-by-scene picture adjustment. Active HDR maximizes HD imagery and makes the makes the most of the high-definition display
  • Use your voice as your remote Control. Lg HD TVs work with devices that have the Google Assistant* and Alexa built-in, so you can control your TV's settings by simply using your voice

# RANK 5

Westinghouse 24" HD LED TV

  • High Definition (HD) makes no compromise in image quality for the most common resolution used for TV broadcasts, Blu-ray disc players, smartphone and internet content. FHD television lets you enjoy your entertainment with reduced motion-blur and a crisp picture.
  • Sleek and slim look in a perfect size for a dorm room, kitchen or office.
  • Offers a bright, crisp and vivid full HD picture perfect for watching sports, movies, shows or playing on your gaming console.
  • Equipped with all the connectivities required to use your favorite streaming device! Offers HDMI, USB, VGA, Digital TV Tuner connectivity
  • Built-in V-chip lets you block content based on program ratings and check ratings of unfamiliar programs.

Some other top TVs are given below:

Sharp LC-43LE653U 43-Inch TV

When it comes to buying televisions nowadays, it is really a tough choice. However, the Smart LED TV by Sharp is the best investment, since it is a lot more than mere television. It is an absolute bliss for technology junkies. It has 43 inches LED screen with Refresh Rate of 60 Hertz. Moreover, SmartCentral Apps reflect the smart functionality of the television.

Besides, there are 5 inputs that include 3 HDMI, 1 MHL, and 1 USB. A universal remote also comes along with it. Along with these key features, Wallpaper Mode shows absolutely any image when you turn off the television.

In a nutshell, Sharp LED TV provides picture quality superior to any other type of television available and this, along with the amazing features mentioned above, make it the most sophisticated entertainment system for everyone.

Samsung UN50H5203 50-Inch TV

Exceptional picture quality and amazing viewing experience is almost a dream for most of the people. However, with Samsung Smart LED TV, this dream has become a reality now. The television comes with smart functionality enabled with it. The dimensions of the television are 44.8” x 26.4” x 3.7” without the stand. The dimensions are 44.8” x 28.5” x 9.8” along with the stand. The television comes with 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB, 1 Component In and 1 Composite In. Accessories included along with it are a universal remote control.

In the new era of LED televisions, the Samsung LED TV promises an amazing brightness and contrast quality for an absolutely enjoyable television watching experience. One of the most outstanding attributes of this television is the clear motion rate of 120 which means that the picture quality is enhanced even more without any blurring.

Samsung UN55JU6700 Curved 55-Inch TV

Samsung 55-Inch Smart LED TV provides a perfect example of how advanced today’s televisions are. It is a breakthrough in innovative digital technology. Hence, the picture quality is exceptionally realistic. Moreover, it ensures absolutely smooth movement of a motion picture. The television screen is 48.9″ wide and 30.3″ in height when it is assembled with the stand. Watching movies, favorite sports matches, documentary films and daily soaps can be a sheer pleasure and a relaxing experience, with the right kind of television. Samsung Smart LED TV is certainly one of the most extraordinary design pieces with mind-blowing sound quality.

The television comes with 2 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs.

If you are looking for crisp and flawless picture quality, Samsung 55” Smart LED TV is the ideal product for you.

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