Best Luxury Watch For Men (June 2018)

There are some watches that are meant for use and throw and there are timeless pieces such as these that passed down from generation to generation. These are watches that many doubt to be faked, of course with people who know about quality notice it right away. As these are not the ones that can be afforded by an average person, these watches are guaranteed to inspire jealousy in anyone. These luxury watches differ from other not only in their quality, but they stand out on their appearance as well as endurance and durability and name.

Here is a list of some features that make luxury watches standout from the rest –


The Company may at least offer more than two to five years of warranty, but watches that are more twenty to thirty thousand dollars tend to work perfectly fine over decades, even with slightly rough handling.

Big brand names –

This may not be a priority for an average person, but if you are willing to throw bucks, buy a watch that has a quality brand name attached to it so that it makes a good statement, especially when you have to dress to impress.

Movement –

A luxury wristwatch at such price must have Swiss quartz movement.

Appearance –

Many wristwatches in this category are bound to have real gold or platinum body which makes a huge difference in noticeability of a watch.

Water resistance –

Of course, luxury wrist watches such as these have the minimum 200 M water resistance and most of them can be worn during scuba diving.

Everything from scratch resistance sapphire crystal glass, and case and band material are specially made to endure time.

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Top 5 luxury watches for men are given below:

# RANK 1

TAG Heuer Men’s WAZ1112.BA0875 Formula 1 S..

List Price: $944.99 USD
New From: $944.99 USD In Stock

# RANK 2

Omega Men’s Seamaster ..

List Price: $3,525.00 USD
New From: $3,525.00 USD In Stock

# RANK 3

Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10061 Capeland ..

List Price: $4,350.00 USD
New From: $4,350.00 USD In Stock

# RANK 4

# RANK 5

TAG Heuer Men’s WAZ2114.BA0875 Analog Disp..

List Price: $1,161.69 USD
New From: $1,161.69 USD In Stock

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