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You are the person who love the big screen, crazy about flawless motion performance, and looking for faster refresh rates then Plasma TV is one for you. With the viewing angle is far better than an LCD, will make Plasma TV an original choice for a living room. When it comes to processing fast-moving images, then Plasma TVs take the experience to the next level making it ideal for watching sports and action movies.

In Plasma each cell of the screen lights up on its own. It is suitable for dimly lit rooms. Plasma TVs come with high contrast ratios. The contrast ratio is obtained by comparing blackest black to the whitest white.
In Plasma TV, the image will be formed by sending an electric charge applied to small sheets of tiny plasma cells.

Let’s go through the different features of the Plasma TV:

• Color saturation is more in Plasma TVs. They preserve color naturalness of the image with rich color quality.
• The viewing angle is almost 180 degrees which is surely an advantage when compared to LCD TVs.
• Burn-in is relatively high compared to that of LED-backlit LCD TVs.
• Response time is high makes it desirable to watch fast moving action sequences.
• Prices are economical.
• Usually, plasma TVs are heavy, which recommends professional mounting if you prefer to mount your TV.
• Motion blur is almost nil due to high refresh rates and makes the picture display smoother.
• In-room with natural light, Plasma TV images look as dull compared to that of LED TVs.

A word of caution: Plasma TV may suffer from burn-in if a static image is allowed to remain on screen for a longer time, which will be resulted in replacing the component or entire TV might need to be replaced. Although in newer Plasma TVs this is not generally found.

As these Plasma TVs are slowly going off the trend, you may get better deals for buying options from the manufacturers.

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Note: Plasma TV has been discontinued. Check the top OLED TVs.

Top 5 OLED TVs are given below:

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