Best Sports Watch with Altimeter (June 2018)

Watches designed for hiking and trekking are always popular with people enthusiastic about outdoor activities. If you are planning a camping, hiking or trekking expedition, one of the most important gadgets you need to have with yourself is a proper watch. These watches are not only equipped with a compass, thermometer, GPS tracking system but altimeter and barometer as well.

Altimeter watches have tough exteriors to bear harsh weather as they are built for those specific purposes. The higher you go trekking, the atmospheric pressure varies from the change of the altitude. Altimeter uses the atmospheric pressure as the method to modify the altitude (higher or lower). Many altimeter watches track the change in altitude if there is the three-foot increase. Other features that accuracy in altimeter, an altimeter watches must have –

• Durability –
Altimeter watches are used for trekking purpose so a durable material likes the mineral glass window with resin/ titanium/stainless steel body.

• Features –
You need various features in a watch meant for camping, therefore many altimeter watches have barometer, compass, solar power battery, battery saving option, backlight, independent alarms, snooze option, thermometer, calendar, weather forecast, Chronograph, split lap time, Magnetic declination mode, 12/24 hour format, magnetic mode, relative altitude tacking meter etc.

• Battery power –
The battery power is important when it comes to altimeter watches and should at least provide five months on a full charge and more than 20 months on battery saving option.

• Quality –
Ensure that the watch is a high-quality watch with some certification of quality as these watches are pretty costly.

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Top 5 sports watches with altimeter are given below :

# RANK 1

# RANK 2

Casio Wristwatches (Model: PAG240-1CR) (Watch)

List Price: $250.00 USD
New From: $150.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $150.99 USD In Stock
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# RANK 3

Casio Men’s SGW300H-1AVCF Twin Sensor Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch (Watch)

List Price: $64.95 USD
New From: $38.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $38.00 USD In Stock
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# RANK 4

# RANK 5

Timex Expedition WS4 Blue Strap, Silver/Blue Face (Watch)

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock
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