Best Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (June 2018)

While exercising, one of the most important things is to keep track of your heart rate. Everyone knows that exercising in your target heart zone gets you the best results, but how many of us are really willing to measure our heart beats every time we finish an exercise. Therefore as a solution, there is these heart rate monitor watches to do this job for you. Whether you are a runner, swimmer or just trying to lose weight and being fit.

Here are some features that a heart rate monitor watches must have :

• Features –
Other than heart monitoring option, such watches come with a strap like a monitor that goes around your chest. The watch on your wrist all the while monitors the heartbeat recorded with a wireless chest strap. There are of course watches that are sans the chest strap, these come with built-in pulse detector.

Other features include Chronograph with split lap time counter, calorie counter, and analyzer, Calendar, backlight, several alarms option with 4-minute snooze selection, a dual power source such as solar battery charger and lithium battery power with automatic power shift, speed and distance measurement, compass, GPs tracker etc.

• Water resistance –
A heart rate monitor watch can be worn for swimming while showering purpose or running through the rain. Therefore a wristwatch with a range in between 30 M (just water splash or rain/ no showering or submerge) to 90 M is enough.

• Warranty –
A heart rate monitor watches are usually costlier than your normal watches, therefore; they must at least come with a warranty of one year to two years’ worth.

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Top 5 watches with heart rate monitor are given below :

# RANK 1

LAD-WEATHER Outdoor Watch Heart Rate Monit..

List Price: $109.99 USD
New From: $109.99 USD In Stock

# RANK 2

Everlast Chinese-Automatic Fitness Watch w..

List Price: $31.41 USD
New From: $31.41 USD In Stock

# RANK 3

GPS Sports Watch Heart Rate Monitor Waterp..

List Price: $69.99 USD
New From: $69.99 USD In Stock

# RANK 4

Running Digital Watch Heart Rate Monitor C..

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $39.99 USD In Stock

# RANK 5

Timex Men’s T5K718 Ironman Road Trainer Fu..

List Price: $119.95 USD
New From: $129.99 USD In Stock

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