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Tablets have become so versatile thanks to the perpetual advancements in technology. There are different laptops and tablets available to carry out functions specially designed for it. Now we have different tablets for different professions and preferences, not to mention different budgets as well. Tablets have inched their way into workplaces and now they are present in classrooms too.

There are many features a tablet can have that are the most beneficial for students, if you are one in need of a tablet best for students, here are some features to look for :

• Good Internet connectivity – A good tablet for students must have good internet connectivity. Students depending upon whether they are in school or college, spend much time on internet researching. Therefore Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G connectivity is enough.

• Bluetooth Keyboard – Not long ago students wanted laptops to do their assignments, that may not have drastically changed but tablets sure have made their presence in the market. You can use the tablets for typing out large essays by attaching them Bluetooth keyboard.

• Battery life – If you are going to do your homework on the tab, it better stay on for at least 8hrs without continuous charging.

• RAM and Processor – This one depends on the type of work do plan on doing on the tab. Most college students opt for tabs with at least 8GB storage TO 16GB storage capacity with the minimum 1.3GHz processor

• Stylus – This is something a student needs to take notes. Check out the Samsung Galaxy note which offers S-pen to writes little notes or annotations on your tab.

Top 5 tablets for students are given below:

# RANK 1

Lenovo Tab 4, 10.1″ Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 16GB Storage, Slate Black, ZA2J0007US (Personal Computers)

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# RANK 2

LG G Pad V400 7-Inch 8GB Android Tablet PC w/ Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHZ Quad-Core CPU – Black (Personal Computers)

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# RANK 3

# RANK 4

# RANK 5

Some other top tablets for gaming

Apple iPad mini MD531LL/A

This Apple tablet is highly recommendable to the studious guys as it serves the fluent operations and is able to browse the internet at high speed. It has a 7.9-inch display that is able to give you the better viewing experience to read the e-books clearly and also it will not break your flow as it has 1GB RAM and 1GHz Apple processor that will serve you amazingly high operations. For the students who want to use this tablet for their studies wants the display of good size and also about the clarity so that you are able to read clearly but with the screen size and clarity also a powerful processor with good RAM is needed so that their tablet does not stuck anywhere. This tablet has 1GB RAM and also 1GHz apple processor which will able to give you fluent operation and will able to respond quickly. Also with all of these features it has 16 GB RAM to store your useful data. With this to capture the clicks it has 5MP high-resolution camera that is able to give you clearer pictures. Now if we talk about the battery backup this tablet provides up to 10 hours of battery backup.

Apple MH182LL/A iPad Air 2

This device has 1GB DDR2 RAM and 1.5GHz apple processor that makes you able to deliver the lightning fast speed to perform the functions. It has 64GB internal storage so that you can able to store the data of large size within your device. Also has 9.7 inches RETINA display. RETINA display is able to give you the crystal clear display as it is able to show over 3.1 million of pixels at a time so either you are watching movies, reading books or anything you will able to see all clearly. It has the ios8 operating system that is able to provide you the latest user interface. Now if we talk about its camera quality then it has an 8MP rear camera with facetime HD camera function which first focuses the object that you want to be captured and then it will capture to give you the picture of exceptionally high quality. Now if we talk about its portability then it is of very lightweight and weighs 15.4 ounces only. And it is very slim and easy to carry with you.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

It has a powerful processor for giving you the smooth experience it has latest Intel Core i5 processor and also 4GB of RAM with 128GB storage so you can say that it is able to perform the all the functions for that you need computers or laptops so it can be a minicomputer for you. It has 12 inch HD touch screen that is able to provide you the large size to load any books so that you can read it clearly and also able to play a game, movies more efficiently and effectively. It is loaded with Windows 8 operating system. Also for the better-using purpose, the surface pen is also provided you with this windows tablet. For faster performances, it has 1.6 GHz QUAD – CORE processor. To serve you for the long time period it has a strong battery that will able to give you the 9 hours of battery life. Now if we talk about its camera it has 5MP front and rear camera to take the pictures with more clarity and efficiency.

Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

This tablet is considered as the most powerful tablet among all the tablets of AMAZON. It is portable so that students can take it to their colleges as it weighs only 13.2 ounces and its light design make the product so easy to handle. It has 8.9-inch HDX display that is able to show 4 million pixels at a time and also better than RETINA display. It has 8 MP rear and front HD camera to click the moments more clearly and effectively. It also has 2.5GHz ultrafast QUAD – CORE processor that is able to make the device to quick to respond on your command. It has 64GB storage to store your precious documents and data and also unlimited cloud storage for the data and pictures by your AMAZON product. The weight of this device is nearly about 13 ounces so this is easy to carry with you always. It is ultrathin and also of screen size 8.9 inch makes it easy to handle and also make it attractive. In this price range, this product could be a better option for students as well as other peoples but highly recommendable for the students as all of their studious work can be done with this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

It has android 4.4 KitKat and also has the Google play store that is able to provide you the Ebooks in large extent so that you can download it and can read easily on this 7-inch WXGA display. Serves you the very fast and smooth operation as it has 1.5GB RAM and also powerful 1.2GHz QUAD – CORE processor to give you buttering bread like feel when you operate it. To store your books, games, movies, and other useful data it has 8GB internal memory and also has 50GB of free DROPBOX storage. This is WIFI tablet so that gives you lightning fast speed when you surfing met or downloading. And it is also lightweight having the weight less than 10 ounces and its 7-inch display make it easy to carry to your colleges and other institutions. To capture the moment it has a 3MP rear camera. Also, it has a battery backup of 10 hours so there is no need to charge it more frequently once you charged it to 100% than it is able to serve you for 10 hours. It is recommendable to students and other kinds of people like businessmen, gaming lovers also.

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