Best Window/Portable Air Conditioner Under 400 Dollars (May 2018)


Window air conditioners are the most popular choice of all. You can have these models installed in most single or double-hung windows and usually come with an accordion panel that allows a good, secure fit. Some of them are so designed that they can fit into sliding windows.

A portable air conditioner, on the other hand, is a self-contained, free-standing unit. Most of them are fitted with casters, allowing them to be wheeled around your home so that every room can be cooled equally. They are fitted with a large, flexible hose that passes out through a window and allows the hot air to be expelled out of doors. Though costly, they are your best bet while buying best air conditioner under 400 dollars.

Find the right capacity
While buying either a window or portable ac, cooling capacity is the first consideration. Both units should be of the right size- not too large and not too small- so that you get sufficient cooling in the room. This is a factor measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) and at this budget, you can get a high capacity device.

Required maintenance
A window ac will require periodic maintenance to ensure that it stays in prime condition. A high-capacity machine will call for a greater level of care for long-lasting operation with periodic replacement of the filters.
For a portable ac, the only maintenance involves dealing with the moisture retention problem. Some best air conditioner under 400 dollars has higher dehumidification capacity which will lead to greater amount of moisture being drawn out of the air and call for greater maintenance.

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