Best Window/Portable Air Conditioner Under 500 Dollars (May 2018)

The modern window and portable air conditioners are design marvels capable of doing an excellent job with regards to cooling a confined space. When it comes to buying the best air conditioner under 500 dollars the trick lies in buying a model that suits the requirement of your room and is capable of reliably and efficiently handling the job demanded of it.

Let us now run a rule over the things that you need to consider while buying your new air-conditioning equipment:

The right cooling capacity
This is a common aspect of both a window as well as a portable ac. The capacity should be enough to provide cooling in the room, not too big and not too small. This is measured in British Thermal Units and at this budget, you can get a device that offers you around 8000-9000 BTU, sufficient to cool a 400 square foot space.

Is it energy efficient?
When you are going for the best air conditioner under 500 dollars with a high capacity, it is likely that you will have to foot long power bills. This is why you need a device that is energy efficient and comes with an Energy Star rating. For a portable ac, this rating is defined by a factor called Energy Efficient Ratio (EER).

Noise level concerns
This will not be an issue with window air conditioners but is something you need to take into account for a portable ac. If you feel the high noise is going to be a bit of a concern, check the decibel rating before purchasing.
Follow these instructions to buy the best air conditioner under 500 dollars.

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Top 5 air conditioners under 300 dollars are given below:

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