Best Wine Cellar Under 100 Dollars (June 2018)

Wine lovers in India always find love in the corner of the wine shops of vineyards. They love trying new tastes and experimenting with new flavors. The wine lovers actually find love in purchasing new cellars too. But what key features actually attract a wine lover in fetching a wine cellar is actually not known by all. So, if you are a wine lover and you want to fetch a new wine cellar then you should actually refer this guide on the key features that attracts all. Just go through the features for the best wine cellar under 100 dollars:

• The capacity of a wine cooler refrigerator:
When you decide to get a wine cellar, the very first thing that should be taken into consideration is the size of wine cooler. Small wine refrigerators actually store 6-20 bottles whereas the large models can store 100-200 bottles or even more than that. A general rule while buying a wine cellar is that it should actually hold twice as many bottles can you currently have.

• Then there is the insulation of door to look at:
In most cases, you should look at the glass doors your friends can actually admire. Glass doors are not because they have warm air fluctuating inside the fridge. So, just keep a check on your requirement about the doors you actually want.

• Automatic defrost presence:
This should be actually available in melting of the possible ice layers. There are more advanced fridges with energy saving defrost options which are actually called as adaptive defrost control which actually helps in monitoring the usage of the appliance.

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Top 5 wine cellars under 100 dollars are given below:

# RANK 1

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Black Wine Cooler, 20.1L x 10.9W x 15H (Kitchen)

List Price: $89.99
New From: $78.93 USD In Stock
Used from: $78.93 USD In Stock
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# RANK 2

Frigidaire FRW1225 Wine Cooler, Black (Kitchen)

List Price: $99.98 USD
New From: $99.98 USD In Stock
Used from: $99.98 USD In Stock
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# RANK 3

Magic Chef MCWC12B Black 12-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler, Rack (Kitchen)

New From: $123.06 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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# RANK 4

# RANK 5

Commercial Cool CCWT060MB Thermal Electric 6 Bottle Wine Cellar, Black (Kitchen)

List Price: $99.99 USD
New From: $99.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $99.99 USD In Stock
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