Best Wrist Watch Under 150 Dollars (June 2018)

Many people make the mistake while selecting wristwatches to buy, mainly they go and buy a low quality but high-end brand name (which can suspiciously be a fake) that is totally overpriced. There are millions of men and women out there who would rather trust in a brand name blindly and buy an expensive watch only to have it malfunction just months after you have bought from those expensive looking shiny glass cases of the department stores or even at airport kiosks.

Even now many are ignorant of what to look for when buying wrist watches and how, even if you have a budget, you can still buy a quality watch. These watches may not be the brand names that most people brag about (even if they are knock-offs), but they will leave enough money in your pocket to pay rent.

Warranty –
Check if the company at least gives you a one year warranty. Even though it doesn’t give you the warranty, you should look at the quality aspect, so even if doesn’t give you a warranty, go ahead and buy it.

Aesthetics –
Check out the aesthetics of the wrist watch and if its suits your style. There are many classic looking- the dressy type of watches that come under one fifty dollars.

Case Material –
The case material should be a priority, check if it has a protective mineral glass cover and if it is water resistant.

Movement –
You can buy many watches that have the quality Japanese quartz movement with 150 dollars budget.

Find the top watches under 150 dollars at

Top 5 watches under 150 dollars are given below:

# RANK 1

Invicta Men’s 0072 Pro Diver Collection Ch..

List Price: $93.99 USD
New From: $88.74 USD In Stock

# RANK 2

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Wa..

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: In Stock

# RANK 3

Invicta Men’s 3044 Stainless Steel Grand D..

List Price: $139.99 USD
New From: $139.99 USD In Stock

# RANK 4

Michael Kors Men’s Bradshaw Two-Tone Watch..

List Price: $250.00 USD
New From: $123.09 USD In Stock

# RANK 5

Michael Kors Lexington Gold-Tone Stainless..

List Price: $121.57 USD
New From: $120.87 USD In Stock

Some other top Best Wrist Watch Under 150 Dollars are given below:

Motorola Moto 360 Modern Timepiece Smart Watch – Black Leather 00418NARTL

Moto 360 is a new timepiece which is driven by Android wear so, it is familiar, comfortable and also prepared with the best materials. It will keep you advanced. Take a quick look at your wrist to get updates or to catch the info that you need because it’s the timepiece show you more than the time.

• Wireless charging.
• Beautiful design.
• Voice control.
• Easy to pair with Android mobiles.
• Shows all notifications received on phone.
• Stylish watch faces.

• Charging cable will not come up with USB card.
• Moto body may not be suitable for everyone.
• Less battery life.

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