Best Wrist Watch Under 250 Dollars (June 2018)

There are many things to look out in a wristwatch other than the price range. If you under the category of people who don’t have that much money to throw around on brand luxuries and are a person of necessity then buying a wrist watch is easier than you would believe. If you have a clear definition of what kind of wristwatch you want for example – should it be a smart wristwatch with high tech, a simple yet classically stylish analog watch, a sporty digital watch that could tell you more things than time or even a watch that is just for scuba diving and swimming etc.

Of course in each of these choices, people do look for aesthetics of the wristwatch. You may find various quality movements in watch who fall under 250 dollars price range, however, there are many other features to look out for when buying a watch under 250 dollars –

Warranty –
This could not be repeated enough that a good watch should have a warranty for quality. A watch under 250 dollars must come with the at least two-year warranty.

Movement –
You are sure to get a quality Japanese quartz movement wristwatch in this budget. Look for well-known brands but don’t make them a priority.

Battery life –
Watches under 250 dollars must at least come with five-month life without charge. There are many solar power chargeable wristwatches in this category.

Water resistance –
A watch under two fifty must at least have a water resistance capacity of 200M.

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Top 5 watches under 250 dollars are given below:

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